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My journey for health and healing has been a long one. I have finally found a whole body wellness system that fights off my Candida, gives me energy, and hopefully will help with this last pesky 20 pounds on my tummy.

This page will offer tips and encouragement for your own journey to Whole Body Wellness.

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Join us!!! November 30, 2015

Our first 7 Day Challenge was such a success we're doin' it again!!! And I want you to join us! We start Nov 30th and here's the best part....

Shipping is FREE all month in November!!! 

This is not a meal replacement, it is not a shake. It is a Pink powder you mix with your water and drink. 

We encourage you to eat healthier and 
 at the right time of day! 
By participating, you get myself and my team to help 
with any questions, you will be added to a secret 
FB group that will be a place of love and support. 
You will also have access to our private blog with recipes, tips, and support for your wellness journey.
Take a looksy at my little girls story while 
being on Plexus:

Kyleigh has suffered from migraines since she was itty bitty. Her headaches started at 4 yrs old and have since evolved into full fledged migraines....which always ends up with her vomiting. It's so painful to watch your baby girl suffer so. 

In late November early December she had back-to-back migraines in a very short period of time, prompting me to take her to a Neurologist. I expected the worst, but hoped for the best. Unfortunately I got the worst. He prescribed her meds that required them to be taken twice a day for 6 months. That was NOT an option for us.

Sooooo, I started her on ProBio5. Shortly after I discovered the connection between magnesium deficiency and migraines. So I put her on BioCleanse a few times a week.
Up until two weeks ago, (shortly after I sent her away to summer camp for a week without her Plexus), she was migraine FREE since last winter. We've also discovered that ProBio5 has kept her mouth sores at bay, too. For reals, yo!

"magnesium is considered the master mineral. It is involved with over 300 cellular metabolic processes. It affects our nervous system, muscle tissue, and heart health. Unfortunately, what many consider a good healthy diet may still not offer sufficient magnesium for optimum health."

Note: not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases.